The College professes the motto “Light… Life… Service…”.LIGHT for newer knowledge and newer ways to discover the real needs of human person through research. LIFE this knowledge with others throughNursing Education and develop skills in providing Quality SERVICE to the clients with a Holistic approach without distinction of caste, colour or social status.We uphold and instil Respect for Life and Human dignity of a person from conception to death.

OBJECTIVES OF THE Rahat Charitable Trust

1. To provide opportunities this would enable the student to function as an effective individual.

2. To prepare a professional and technically skilled nurse, competent to give a comprehensive nursing care to individuals, families and communities in sickness and health.

3. To prepare the student with guidance to take up leadership position in the teaching and the nursing practice in hospitals and community health agencies.

4. To provide the opportunities and experiences which would enable the student to develop and maintain effective interpersonal relationship with professional and nonprofessional personnel.

5. To provide the student with knowledge and learning experience which would enable her as a nurse to function with increasing ability as an effective citizen and a representative of her profession.

6. To provide those experience and opportunities which would enable and motivate the nurse to enlarge her capacity for her own professional growth and to contribute towards the improvement and growth of nursing?


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